God is the formless substrate permeating all existence, he has always been around and shows no signs of quitting his game that he started.

He is timeless and lives in all dimensions simultaneously as he is perfectly independent from all of them. He is unmoving and unfathomable. He is not a he, but a she. She is not a she, but a he. He cannot be defined by any faculty of mind and language.

God is the ultimate seer that witnesses all things, his ever present eye can never be seen by anything other than itself.

You cannot be separate from God, though you may think so.

God is within and without.

He is the light of the universe.

And the darkness.

Where is god?

God is there.. Never here..


Because you are here, he cannot be here while you are here. Stop being here and god will appear.

Now how do you stop being here?

if you come to recognize your original face, you will come to know God.

Do you take your own life? No! You do not, you stop being here by stop being so obsessed by your own personal thoughts and your identity.

That is stop being a person, and start being presence. Presence is the name of god, it is the first principle, it is you.

If you come to recognize your own original face, you will come to know god. God is not somewhere in the solar system of Alpha Centaury, she is here. You are the light of god, his eye is ever loving you.

Have you found “him” yet?

Can God be found in psychedelics?

Yes God can be seen in psychedelic voyaging. He can be seen anywhere, he is always here before your eyes.

Psychedelics make your eyes more sensitive towards more subtle layers of reality, and god is as previously said, in all realities simultaneously.

Psychedelics are aliens from distant stellar constellations who have travelled light-years to communicate their learnings about the one supreme Being, or thats what I hope anyways! (lol)

The mushroom is an intelligent sentience who wishes to befriend us and make witness of the supreme together (maybe). But beware as there are dark mushroom beings as well, these can be dangerous and should be dispelled by the light of truth when in contact.

God is always here

God is always here, as you, through you! So you don’t need psychedelics to see him, but just your heart to be open for his presence.

He is formless, and therefore within your form.


Is God Infinite?

Actually, infinity is you perceiving yourself. It’s like a perfect mirror gazing at itself without any blemishes. This perfect mirror is indistinguishable from who you are in your essence. Your awareness is formless and immaculate and its a perfect seeing eye.

Infinity is also space and the universe as a whole, unending because its a reflection of the Supreme being.

Who or what is the Supreme Being?

Well, look inward and see. Withdraw into yourself and see. Dance within your soul and see. Its about seeing yourself as you are, and you will come to know that first principle from which all things emanates.

The universe is a big ass place, and you can seem small in comparison. Especially if you only take yourself to be a physical body and a mind.

Then your really quite small in comparison.

But what happens if you shift your attention?

Infinity is you perceiving yourself...

If you suddenly see yourself as consciousness instead of only a physical body.

Then you become formless and immaculate. Though its not really an becoming. Because you have always been that.

This is true spirituality, and this is what cosmology should make us reflect on within our own souls.

Look outward but understand that all looking needs a foundation.

This foundation is existence-bliss-awareness.

Here is where you’ll find God.

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