“Everybody is fundamentally the ultimate reality. Not God in a politically kingly sense, but God in the sense of being the self, the deep-down basic whatever there is.” – Alan Watts

Many people today struggle with anxieties, fears, negative thinking and depressions.

The psychological mind can really mess things up for some individuals. From a spiritual perspective, the psychological mind is  an emanation out of original mind, or pure consciousness. An emanation that somehow when we grow up gets the upper hand on your original sense of presence, which is ones original position.

Both the body and the psychological mind appear in the supremely flexible field of your consciousness.

How to confirm this to be true?

You are the perceiver of both your mind (thoughts, feelings, intellect etc.) and your body and its senses.

They are objects that can be seen by your awareness, and whatever you can perceive as an object cannot be your totality.

This means that your anxieties, depressions and incessant negative thinking can also be seen to be objects that your consciousness births and perceives at the same time.

How to Use This Insight to Transcend Yourself

Just repeating what I wrote above or just by reading them casually, will obviously do next to nothing to actually “treat” your incessant psychological troubles and claustrophobia.

Intellectually affirming the wisdom I’m sharing will also not be sufficient to overcome the myriad gremlins of the overactive mind.

What must happen is that this insight must become your living direct experience, the deep knowledge that you are not merely the comings and goings of your mental projections, and that you need not be so heavily identified with their capricious behaviour.

In other words the key is to know that you are THAT, that which is beyond the body and mind. This deep direct knowing of your essential nature slowly and surely dissipates the power of the psychological mind.

Entertaining Your True Reality

That which sees all things but cannot itself be seen.

However it must be noted that every “seeker” must undergo a trial and tribulation of the soul to attain to this subtle yet sublime understanding.

Through this one comes to witness the light of which all existence is rooted in.

This undying light is your original consciousness.

It is not yours personally, but yours universally.

Which further means that it is no ones yet everyone is it.

It cannot be owned.

It cannot be afraid.

It cannot be anxious.

It cannot be depressed.

It cannot be dominated.

It cannot fade away.

It cannot be killed.

It is immaculate consciousness that has neither beginning nor end.

Am I sharing mere fantasy and poetry with you or is this indeed something you can confirm in your own self.

Obviously the body and the mind have come and will eventually go when their time is up. But your consciousness, the eye of God, the original mind, the absolute subject, the Dao, the Christ Beingness, the gaze of the Beloved.

This one can never die.

Discover and recognize this within your own soul, and tell me what can trouble you here.

How can anything possibly hurt, injure, scar or terrify space.

And like space, the consciousness is everywhere containing all and impossible to injure.

This is your supreme refuge, and highest ecstasy.

This is your essential nature.

This is you.

“Lift the veil
that obscures
the heart
and there
you will find
what you are
looking for” – Kabir

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