Are you terrified of that great unknown?

That last stop, that last waterfall that will end your time here on earth.

Well of course you are.

If you deem yourself to be what Paul Hedderman from Zen Bitchslap calls a long-lasting, autonomous, separate entity, then of course you are afraid.

Because that means that you will end and the world will not. It will keep on going without you.

This is indeed how most people see the world and their own role within it. And to a certain degree it is true, but only superficially.

Body and Mind?

If you only see yourself as a your body and your mind, then it does make sense.

However if you are a bit more attuned to your own essential reality, you will know that this is a mostly hoax that your own mind is manifesting before you.

You are not your mind and body, they are aspects of you and aspects can never capture the totality of you.

You are much vaster and subtler than these objects of perception which constitute the mind and body.

If you wish to transcend the fear of death, or even death itself, you must come to know the difference between yourself (The Self) and your mind, as Mooji so often says.

The Immortal Being Dwelling Within You

Your consciousness is immortal.

Not “your” consciousness of course, but consciousness itself, an impersonal intelligent sentience.

Although your mind may claim this consciousness to be “inanimate” because it lacks personality or movement.

Well this interpretation is simply a falsehood! Its simply not true.

This impersonal awareness is the source of life itself.

The unmoving amidst the moving, the silence behind the noise.

You cannot fathom it with your intellect, but you can be it because it is already you.

This screen of awareness is undying, and by aligning yourself with it, you come to absorb that undying quality as well.

What is death for you in this placeless place?

This is infinite consciousness!

Is this only a fantasy for the spiritual seeker?

Share your thoughts below and lets find out together!

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