There may be come a point for some individuals where they simply become weary of methods and practices, when they realize that what they are trying to get access is already and always here anyhow. This individual may sometimes be referred to as a spiritual seeker or a seeker of truth. And as it has been outlined in the previous articles on Nirvanic Insights, there are various ways of diving into one’s own experience more fully, from dance, to song, to painting, to meditating, prayer, contemplation, to being out in nature, or simply being more sensitive. There are lots of ways of consciously empowering your own experience.

But one may also ask the question, why should one have to do that, why can’t I simply be what I am? Isn’t experience all we have anyways?

The answer for that is a healthy and hearty YES.

When an individual becomes mature enough there could arise a deep longing to always and without techniques to be in direct experiencing of oneself and of life. I call this for perpetual direct experiencing of oneself and reality, and it is this individual that reaches his own centre, and becomes awake to the truth of reality. All the other techniques can still be employed after one is awakened or enlightened as it is also called, but they are not necessary methods of reaching direct experience anymore. This is because the one who is awake to the truth of existence knows experientially that everything that exists is perpetually in direct experience, whether the personal projections comes into the picture or not. When one has reached this state of seeing and understanding one is not troubled by the psychological mind and its countless mischiefs. The person and its personal thoughts are simply not registered in the same way in the consciousness of an enlightened being. They are simply seen through, each and every time they appear, and subsequently instantly dissolved into nothingness or direct experience.

Everything is seen by your consciousness, which is never touched by any experience that appears on the screen of consciousness. This consciousness is who you truly are, and the more you realize and recognize this truth the more you will be fully immersed in the direct and totality of experience. This is the most powerful way of being dissolved in the experience. But this may also be considered to be one of the most challenging, because it immediately challenges your identity and your psychological separate self. And when its existence is challenged it will do everything and anything it can to continue surviving as a separate self. This is the paradox of life and the spiritual quest.

How then do I “reach” this state of perpetual direct experience.

Well in short, you reach this perfect state by first and foremost knowing your self as the formless consciousness that is responsible for all subjective existence. Knowing also that it is this formless consciousness that is the womb of direct experience and it is, in fact, the essence of who you are. When this is truly established in your soul, this is when you are free from all practices and teachings. Everything is revealed unto you as it is or as you truly are, because how things are and how you truly are is not different, though it can appear so.

If that short answer didn’t satisfy you, and it most likely did not, I can only urge you to look within and discover your timeless, essential nature. This is the gift of consciousness, so use it well and wisely.

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