Numerology is a fantastic way to learn more about your life purpose. Knowing your personal numerology can give you insight into your personality traits, relationship styles, and life purpose. While a real-depth reading is best when received from a professional, there are numerous websites providing free numerology reports for the new seeker. Here is a list of the top 7 websites for free numerology readings with a description of the pros and cons for each so you can decide which ones are best for you!

1. Numerologist

numerologist patterns numbers purpose is the ultimate website for current numerological trends. It is filled with blog posts and videos from the most popular numerologists of our time. Big name numerologists fill the feed of this website with current trends, how to use numerology for manifestation, and a variety of other spiritual topics.

Pro: The large variety of blog posts provide ample material for you to read once you know your own numerological make-up. The weekly numerological forecasts are an easy way to become familiar with the energy of numbers and their impact on reality. The site is well-designed, user-friendly and very visually appealing.

You are able to do a free calculation of your “Sacred Personality Code”: Life Path, Expression Number, Soul Urge, Personality Number, and Birthday Number. A description is provided in the video about how these numbers are calculated to obtain the meaning of each number. The video gives clear and concise explanations for each aspect of the numerological report.

Con: The free numerology video provides information quickly and you can’t pause. One may have to watch it a few times to get all the information committed to memory or written down. There is not much information written out in regard to the report because the descriptions of the “Sacred Personality Code” are only a few sentences long and most of the explanation comes through the video.

2. IFate

ifate logo is a website dedicated to all sorts of divination techniques: runes, astrology, tarot, Iching, and numerology. It’s tagline is “The Future is Free”, indicating it’s commitment to providing free and accessible tools for your spiritual exploration.

Pro: Finding the free numerology report is easy; you simply click the numerology tab at the top. The free report is thoroughly written and provides information on your life path number, destiny number, soul urge number, and inner dream number. The written report highlights the gifts and struggles of each number. It is refreshing to read a well-rounded report, rather than one that specifically focuses on the positive attributes.

Con: There is no explanation to how the numbers are calculated. The description for the inner dream number is extremely brief, claiming it is the least powerful number in the numerological profile.

3. Numerology is your one stop shore for all things numerological. It is specifically focused on numerology and the dedication makes it easy to browse the site without getting off topic. Topics include information on each number 1-9, yearly numerological forecasts, karmic debt numbers.

Pro: This site gives you a lot of information that you can pursue for your own self-study. This is the only website that will give you a free daily number each day for a numerological forecast of what to expect. The blog posts are about a wide-variety of topics and each month there is a numerological report of what to expect. There is great information on how to figure out your own personal numerology.

Con: From the website you can calculate your life path, birthday number, core number, hidden expression number and sun number but you have to do the math by hand according to the directions given. If you are not inclined towards arithmetic, this may not be the best website for you. There is no free numerology report provided that calculates these things for you. To get more in-depth numerological readings, such as a yearly forecast or compatibility report, payment is required.

4. Numerology Worx

numerologyworx is a very resource website for those studying numerology. The blog posts have informative and unique information not found on other sites. It incorporates names, numbers, and numerology with good old fashion statistics to help one understand the facets of themselves through numerology.

Pro: This free numerological reading gives the numbers for a wide range of calculations with an additional pie chart for a statistical overview of how much each number is represented in over your all numerological profile. You can see which numbers are highest and lowest in your profile, which can be immensely insightful and is not available on other sites. While the actual math behind the pie chart is not revealed, it does note the calculations are weighted depending upon the importance of the number in your profile, for instance one’s expression number is weighed more than a personality number. This is also the only site to give the 2 digits of the numerological calculation before it is reduced to a single digit. For instance, Expression 20/2 and Heart’s Desire 15/6. For those who are interested in the nuances of numerology, knowing the two numbers creating the single digit has relevance and can be informative to the reading.

Con: This free numerological reading only covers life path, expression, heart’s desire, and personality with very short descriptions. There are other numerological calculations at the bottom provide such as plane expression numbers, maturity numbers, cornerstone number, and subconscious self that have no description at all and would require one doing their own research on the significance of these calculations.

5. Affinity Numerology is simple and extremely knowledgeable. It skips the general fanfare of graphics in favor of well-researched and in-depth blog posts about numerology. This site is very applicable to the beginner but also would appease an experienced numerologist’s desire to learn more.

Pro: The blog posts have the perfect blend of intellect and metaphysical application. Topics include birth date chart tools, marriage life path calculations, intrinsic number calculator, and effect of one’s beliefs in regard to numerology. This site provides a written numerology report that you have the option to download as a PDF or print. It gives a thorough explanation of your destiny number, heart’s desire number, personality number, quiescent self number, life path number, birthday number, and personal year number. This is one of the only sites to give information on the personal year to help a person understand the cycle of their life. This practical application of numerology makes this site stand out. The best part of this site is the long list of free numerological calculators that do things from help you pick a baby name to find your lucky numbers, located in the Tools section.

Con: There is no explanation for how the numbers in the free report are calculated. This website might be over the head of someone who is not interested in in-depth readings and calculation.

6. 3HO

3ho logo is a site dedicated to spreading light. With roots in Eastern traditions, the mission of this group is to spread awareness of yoga, mudras, meditation, and other related practices. On the homepage, a free tantric numerology reading is offered. There is a history of the Tantric Numerology in ancient yogic and tantric traditions. This explains how Tantric Numerology is understood to the concept of 10 bodies, which all need to be mastered and learned to truly know oneself.

Pro: The application of numerology on this site is different than a Western approach. There are remedies of how to integrate and balance your numerology through meditation, poetry recitation, and movement. This is a very integrative approach to numerology that incorporates body, mind, and emotion for balance. Information one’s sex life and ability to sustain relationships is provided in the numerology report. Numerology becomes a gateway to develop more subtle energy within you through awareness. The language makes these topics approachable for anyone with an interest.

Con: There is no explanation for how the numbers are calculated. Some of the reading is brief. There are outside texts and material required to do the meditations and exercises required to integrate the Tantric Numerology.

7. Astrology a website dedicated primarily to astrology. It has a ton of blog posts on zodiac signs and horoscopes (daily, monthly and yearly). Yet hidden within the website is a fantastic free numerology calculator. The report offers significant information not available on the other sites listed.

Pro: This free reading gives you an ample amount of information! It gives you the numerology for life path number, destiny number, soul number, personality number, maturity number, balance number, life pinnacles and life cycles. This is the only site on the list to do a free calculation of life pinnacles and cycles that explain how your numerology changes over the span of your life as the energy shifts with time.

Con: Finding the free numerology reading is a bit tricky. You have to look under the wisdom tab and go down to numerology. From there you can find the option to get a free reading. The reading gives a lot of information that can be hard to differentiate between, such as your pinnacle years and cycles of your life. They seem to overlap but there is no indication of how this numerology would be integrated in one’s life. The readings for each number aren’t too long; they are more like brief tidbits of explanation.

It is worth noting the free numerological report one can get here is also the same as and – apparently there is a popular generator that has all these sites matching!

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