One of the best ways of finding who you truly are is to know firmly that which you are not.

Why and how, you may wonder?

Well my answer would be that many things in your life try to convince you into believing that you are certain things, things that come, go, arise and disappear, pass away and perish.

It can be a self-image or the belief that you are merely your body.

Who are you?

  • Are you your self-image?
  • Are you the body?
  • Are you your thoughts and feelings?
  • Are you your ego?

Are these things who and what you truly are or are you something much more subtle than these mentioned things?

Most people won’t bother with these questions I’m asking you. Most people are in a state of hypnosis created by their own psychological minds.

You however, have had enough of this mirage of mind. You have decided once and for all to know yourself as you truly are.

water drop

How to know?

You cannot know yourself independently from yourself, meaning that you cannot stand apart from yourself and look uponyourself and say there I am.

To know yourself fully is to be yourself totally.

Be yourself fully by immersing yourself in the immediacy of each moment. Empower your direct experience and let life spontaneously unfold while you stay put in the state of the silent witness.

You don’t have to be anything other than what you always are.

Whatever your rambling thoughts may say, doesn’t matter. You are perfect in your natural condition.

A state of being that isn’t dependant on external nor internal state of affairs.

You are that

You are that which is unmoving amidst the moving. Your consciousness gives birth to all that you perceive and register.

Be yourself by marinating in your own timeless love, that place from which all things arise and subside.

This is how you rest in yourself.

The ultimate nirvanic insight is to see yourself as you are. Naked, formless, weightless, body-less, quality-less, timeless. You cannot be defined yet it is through your powers that definitions appear.

You are the one that sees all yet cannot be seen.

I’m not talking to your psychological ego or your mind.

I’m not talking to your self image or sense of a separate self.

I’m communicating from consciousness to consciousness.

Be what you are and life will guide you into a garden of serene and silent love.


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