Ghosts and spirits…

We have all heard of such entities or non-entities.

In our day and age it is quite easy to dismiss these claims rather quickly. Most people don’t believe in such entities because there is no “proof” for their existence.

If we would take the traditional way of proving something, we would go with mostly what our eyes can see. But your eyes aren’t the only windows into reality.

There are billions of windows into reality, and we happen to occupy mainly five ones, namely our five senses.

Our visual faculty may be our most powerful one, but it also has its limitations.

When it comes to subtle energies moving in consciousness, our highly esteemed method in science isn’t always equipped with the best tools of discovering these forces.

Having said that, this brings us to the obvious question of this article.

Are there ghosts and spirits? and can we actually perceive them in some way or another?

Or perhaps more concretely put, are there immaterial beings moving about in our universe?

Do Ghosts and Spirits Really Exist in this Universe?

Ghosts and Spirits?

It is important to distinguish our own projections about things in life, with how life truly is.

And you’re probably thinking to yourself, how is life truly Mr. Knowitall…?

My reply would be that life is that which is in tune with your direct experience. When you are aligned with your direct experience, you know very well that life can be what ever the f**k it wants to be.

Consciousness is supremely flexible! I mean if you thought water was formless, you better take a long hard look at your own consciousness.

It is playing and appearing as the entire universe and all the creatures in it simultaneously and perpetually!

Having that in mind, I am truly open for any scenario and possibility in my consciousness, moreover, a ghost in the traditional sense is definitely a possibility but not an absolute certainty.

On Seeing Spirits or Immaterial Beings with Psychedelics

When taking certain substances such as psychedelics, more precisely DMT and psilocybin (magic mushrooms), our senses and our sensitivity into different dimensions becomes much more acute. We become available to many more dimensions than we are ordinarily moving around in, and this gives birth to the possibility of actually visually seeing spirits with your eyes.

Though you wont be able to take a photograph of what you’re seeing because the camera’s settings cannot contain your intelligence as a sentient being.

Some sort of a telepathic communication is quite normal when in this heightened state of perception.

In this way you can not only see and feel spirits but also communicate with them, this is most often the case when taking psilocybin.

The mushroom being is an intelligent entity that has its own personality if you will. Though I’m completely aware that it may be the brain creating a sense of an other when taking this substance, but for most people it sure does feel like you are actually talking and communicating with another person.

Why you should be open-minded

Aside from psychedelics, here’s 3 additional reasons why you should be open to the possibility of there existing immaterial intelligent beings in this remarkable universe of ours.

Whether you call them ghosts, spirits or fairies is up to you.

We don’t know it all

We know quite a lot in our advanced day and age. Technology and science has lead us to remarkable discoveries about the natural world and the universe. However, this does not mean that we know it all.

Our senses are limited

The main senses of a fully functioning human being is five, as you may be aware of. These five bring us information and impressions of the material world in and around us. We know as a fact that even though our senses are five, there are species of animals in nature that have other senses.

With that said, we can’t discard the possibility of other more subtle forms of life existing in different dimensions simultaneously to our own.

They are described by many different cultures

We’re not believers that all ancient knowledge and information was and is entitled to the term ancient wisdom. Some ancient sources of information was straight up crazy and remarkably off.

Nevertheless, ghosts and spirits are topics and themes that is just about unanimously found all over the globe. Maybe there’s something to it?

So this means what exactly?…

So where does this bring us?

What was our initial question?

Oh yes…

Do ghosts and spirits really exist in this universe?

Well if you are looking for actual proof, it may be difficult to find it using only your everyday mode of navigating the world.

You may need to in someway heighten your sensitivity in order to actually confirm this statement for yourself, namely the existence of immaterial beings.

The ways are quite many, ranging from mantras, yantras, spells, witchcraft, meditation, shamanistic rituals, psychedelics, prayer just to mention a couple obvious ones.

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t be too quick in purchasing other people opinions, including mine that I’m putting forward in this article. Rather you should always confirm the idea with your direct experience, your own existential understanding of yourself and your surroundings.

If you feel that you are being troubled by evil spirits or ghosts, have a look at this video by the non-dual master Mooji:

Blessings to you!

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