To get rid of the gremlins and demons of the psyche, you must cut the supply line to their apparent existence. You cannot get rid of a ghost by “killing” it. In the same way you cannot kill a demon in the same way you would kill a bug. Your power lies in how much attention and life force you give unto this demonic presence.

The demon of the mind cannot exist without your consciousness to be aware of it, this is the power you hold in your own heart and hands.

To not give in to dark forces of the universes, especially when they are visiting your temple.

Physical Demons and the Supreme Being

Of course its much more difficult to get rid of demons that have a manifested themselves as a physical presence before you, but nonetheless, within you there lies great power and light.

Demons of the mind are not comparable to the light of consciousness of which you are in your source. Consciousness is the first principle derived from the Supreme Being.

The Supreme Being is that which never changes, that which never dies, that which is always present in all.

Though he is present she is also completely detached. This supreme being can never be seen with separate eyes, i.e. the eyes of the ignorant.

Liberation of Your Consciousness

In order to fully allow the light of the supreme to dispel the dark energies of the mind, you must first come to recognize its eternal presence within your own self. This is the first true step towards existential liberation of the heart and soul.

The dark energies will still come and challenge you, but they will lose their power. You will become steadfast and established in your own innate light. Here you shall stand your ground and dissolve these negative demonic energies into oblivion.

This is your power and this is your fate.

Blessings to you!

“But here on earth man never attains to being unaffected by external things. There never was a Saint so great as to be immovable. I can never arrive at a state when discord shall be as pleasing to my ears as harmony.”
Meister Eckhart (Sermons – Outward and Inward Morality)

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