When something is disturbing you, it is messing up with your existential mojo. Whether you know it or not, you innately and intuitively want to be in a state of balance, ranging from balance when you’re walking or sitting to balance in the mind and emotions. When unwanted external matters appear or force themselves upon you, they can rather easily trigger a sensation of agitation or out-of-touchness with your own essential peace of being. Your natural state is a state of inherent peace and silence, so how then can someone or something push you out of your essential condition? The good news is that they can’t really, and the bad news is that they can only if you believe that they can. So in a way, its paradoxical but in the end quite straightforward, what you believe you manifest into reality.

What I’m saying is that you and your attention the main cord, the supplier of energy to everything that is happening in your life. Without you to witness and perceive things, there cannot exist in your subjective reality. Same goes for stress, anxiety or even depression but also most other kinds of disturbances. When you decide to cut the supply cord i.e. attention, belief and interest to negative and distressing patterns of thought, you are taking a stand against some mental process or entity that is trying to suffocate you and limit your potential.

The great news is that you have the power to disregard these tendencies, and that truly is the best medicine towards stress or disturbances. Treat them like any other object that is occurring in your screen of consciousness. It is when it gets personal that they really work their dark magic upon you, the indirect creator of them. They cannot exist there if there is no you to report to.

The takeaway message from this is, you have more power in your arsenal than you might believe. Intimate powers of attention and belief, and wherever you so wish to direct these two, they enhance and give meaning to that object in question. You have the capacity to stay in your essential tranquil state of mind, where your being is ever at rest. This tranquil state of mind has no problems, it is the personal egoic mind that has or creates problems. The sense of presence and your direct experience is beyond this. It is simply here to experience the totality of existence, nothing more and nothing less.

This is the meditative way of being free from disturbances and stress.

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