Here is one of the great sages, Mooji, of this age, talking about how one can overcome evil spirits and demonic forces. He received a letter from someone in Poland calling for help and guidance, and by reading the letter Mooji remembered a woman near to his work many years back, a woman who explained how the spirit of her deceased husband was causing her so much trouble.

Praying to Overcoming Evil Spirits

If you haven’t tried praying to relieve you and your surroundings from evil spirits, I advise you to do so.

These energy sucking entities can be overcome, they can be dispelled and transcended. The power of prayer is indeed great.

A Cleanse Through Your True Mind

If you don’t have the right temperament for prayers, you could overcome these demonic forces through your original mind. I advise that you try both and see which one fits you best.

One important thing to know is that spirits could be pretending to be “you” or they can even hijack your consciousness where the trick you into thinking that you are them. This is the most cunning spirit, though not necessarily “evil”, which in fact exists in all nature.

We are all consciousness, but something in our lives compel us to think that we are only bodies and our psychological minds.

This just isn’t true. This is far from the truth. Of course they are aspects of you but they can never contain the totality of which what you are.

Your essence is pure consciousness..

Your essence is pure consciousness, derived from the Supreme Being of the Universe.

Call him God, Dao the Buddha, it does not matter.

The first principle is the source of you consciousness and it is through alignment with its grace where one can best overcome negative forces in this universe.

As it is important to keep in mind that all are emanations from him, but some have become lost in this samsaric world, they have become hostages and victims to their own ignorance.

This you can overcome!

Bless your soul and Mooji’s grace be with you.


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