Its time.

Time to find out your essential nature.

Lets DO IT!

Ehm.. how the f*ck are we supposed to do that now?

Well the preliminary answer and first and foremost we should ask the supremely important question!

Where are we looking from?

Meaning are we looking from our psychological conditioning and identity or are we looking from our untouched state of presence and awareness.

Have patience with me you don’t follow my point.

Again the question is are you always comparing, measuring, subtracting, adding, fending off, attracting in your mind or are you simply letting life unfold as it wills with only your detached sense of presence.?

If the latter I congratulate you because you are closer to your original self! If the first, I congratulate you because you have the possibility of exploring more of what isn’t you and what is you.

In other words your journey has just begun!

A pretty dandelion

A Simple Exercise

Now if you are heavily identified with your thought-processes and identity, I have a simple exercise for you.

Look upon them like you would upon other peoples thoughts and identities.

Become an observer of these “objects” that are appearing in your mind and tell me if you still feel that they are yours.

What is yours? Can you really claim a thought or an emotion?

They come and go by their own accord and own capricious nature.

You may say that I have a sense of will, and that is true, you have a sense of a will, but you don’t have an absolute will which is yours and yours only.

You are not your will, your sense of will is not your original self, though it can and most often does trick you into believing that that is the case.

Your Original Self

Your original self is infinitely more subtle than that. It is like an eye that sees all things, thoughts, perceptions, emotions, time, senses.

Your original self is the eye of god, and this is the deepest and highest you can go when it comes to self-discovery and self-knowledge.

When you arrive at these dimensionless gates, you become infused with grace and gratitude for your weightless and formless nature, because you know that an immortal or “The Immortal Being” dwells in it.

Your buddha nature is your original self, everything else is a construction forced or embraced by your psychological sense of a separate self. This is non-dual wisdom at its highest, and you should have a look at the significance of these statements. IF not you will dwell in the shadowy realms of the lower aspects.

These realms are necessary for our transcendence as sentient life forms. They aren’t evil or bad really, though they can certainly feel like that sometimes.

What or Who are You Really?

You are vaster than space, and more subtle than the most minute quark or atom.

You are that which sees yet cannot be seen.

The Dao is your original nature, it is who you were before you were born and before society, your parents and your culture imprinted a label on your forehead.

Reclaim your mind and dissolve this dualistic mind in the One consciousness permeating all existence.

This is how you become what you are, this is how you are your self!

Find out and tell me if I’m wrong!

And if I am, by whose authority or from where are you speaking from?

Are you back at your psychological nonsense?

If not keep on looking from your heart!

Love and Light! 

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