All living things must at some point meet up with death. Some do it consciously while others pass away without their personal consciousness being present.

What is it like to die?

Could I possibly answer this question?

Could anyone for that matter answer this incredibly powerful question?

Since life is experience, what is the experience of non-life?

Could there be an experience of the ending of life?

If so by whom or by what?

The Birth of Spirituality

nicholas roerich painting burning the darkness

This is where the flame of spirituality starts burning brighter than all other flames of this universe.

These are the highest questions, which most certainly cannot be answered or at least satisfied by a mere intellectual answer.

The highest questions that you and I can ask in fact cannot and aren’t supposed to be answered.

At least not in the traditional way of answering a question.

These supreme questions can only be absorbed and existentially digested by your consciousness where the question, the answer and the questioner become dissolved in the experience.

First discover what it is and who it is that is living, and then you will also come to know what it is that will perish when the final moment of death arrives.

However, and more importantly, in this recognition and discovery you will also know that which is undying and cannot possibly fade away…

The Discovery of the Supreme

That which is eternal, ever-present, available for all experiences and non-experiences.

This is the formless substrate intelligent perceiver, or the eye of the Supreme Being.

You see there is a supreme being that is always present at all times in all places. It is the source of all movement and stillness. It is perfect unto itself yet it gives itself the capacity to imagine and dream worlds that will inevitably come to an end someday.

We are all the dreaming of the One Supreme Being, living as many.

Death cannot touch this one, but it can touch the idea it has about it self. I. e. the person. The person has been, is and always will be terrified of death, but presence will embrace the experience of death like any other experience that life presents unto it.

And what are the person and presence exactly?

The Personal Mind and its Limitations

There are two ways of main ways of living life as a sentient human being. One is through person and the other through presence.

When one is identified as a person life becomes personal, and lots of personal baggage inevitably becomes ones constant companion.

The personal life is a life of limitation, it is a limitation that consciousness somehow imposes on itself, to have the experience of being an autonomous, independent separate entity.

The personal identity is terrified of death, because it thinks that its so heavily identified with the body. If the body goes, then I’ll go aswell is its logic.

While it might be true from a certain perspective, there is nonetheless a greater truth underlying it.

It is the truth of presence.

Living as Presence

Presence isn’t limited like the personal mind is limited. Consciousness navigated as presence is vast and always readily available for a billion of different potential experiences.

It isn’t confined in its projections, and therefore is eternally free, even when the body is apparently unfree, presence is always free.


Well because it somehow allows every possible experience to be experienced. It is pure being witnessing itself in a myriad of ways.

This is the power and grace of living life as presence.

Death is for the time-bound

Since death only applies to that which is ever-changing, i.e. that which has a beginning and an end, it has no real say in that which is unchanging.

If you through earnest spiritual seeking arrive at a timeless understanding of your essential nature, a nature which is beyond time and change, then you will have conquered death.

Time is death and death is time.

The timeless or eternal is life, find this within the confines of your own soul. Introspect, withdraw inside and look.

In this looking you will be reborn as a renewed being that is undying and eternal.

Nothing can touch this one.

Nothing has ever touched this pure being.

It has been here since the beginning and will be here after the end.

It has peeked through blue eyes, and through brown eyes.

It has known all and yet never lost sight of itself.

This is the undying reality of your own essential consciousness.

Forget and forgive the ignorant who claim that this is a mere illusion that your mind is creating, they have yet to come to see their own supreme light.

O beingness, what can possibly overwhelm you.

You are the one from which all things originate

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