I‘ve had a couple friends that have taken their own lives, and it is indeed a dark thing to witness and to be a part of.

The despair that must come over an individual to seriously consider taking their own life is indeed an important topic to address, and an topic worthy of Nirvanic Insights!

The impulse is familiar in spiritual traditions, though most earnest spiritual seekers don’t consider the physical body to be the impediment to existential liberation.

Existential Liberation

If you really want to take your own life, what you really want is existential liberation.

An liberation that frees you of all problems and hurts, mostly psychological though physical ones can also be the cause sometimes.

What I’m proposing is a rather different solution to this dilemma of suicide.

For starters, I say to you, let your physical body be left alone. Don’t hurt it, as it is innocent and only a vessel for experiencing.

Daisy Flower Smiling unto the World

Your Sense of Separate Self

What you must address is your sense of a separate self which is the root of the psychological mind and ego. This is your real troublemaker and the real culprit in this movie.

It is a subtle process in the mind that can make existence heavy and claustrophobic.

Now there is a way to transcend this serpent of the mind, that is if your heart earnestly is open for new dimensions to be unveiled before and unto you.

The troublemaker which accounts for most despair in the universe, can be wholly, totally and completely transcended by one means which I find to be extremely effective.

That is to stop giving a f*ck or interest to its innumerable shenanigans that “it” throws at you, and in doing so you gradually find yourself resting and settling down in your original mind.

Your Original Self and Mind

This original mind is always content with all experience, it has no troubles and it has no despairs.

It has no limits and it has no form.

It is weightless and therefore supremely light and joyful.

Your consciousness is this, it is supremely marvellous and beautiful, only if you allow your self to see your self.

This means that you are supremely beautiful and marvellous only if you allow yourself to be that.

If you seriously consider taking your own life, don’t do it to your body, let your body live its life until its destiny is fulfilled on this planet. Because if you do end your body’s life, you will most likely cause a lot of suffering for all those people who love you dearly.

What you should do is dispel and dissolve that subtle energetic force in the psyche that is the real trouble.

You can do this, and you will do this because you are not it.

It will try to trick you into believing otherwise and push your buttons, because it is in its nature.

You are Beyond

But you are beyond it.

You are the witness of it.

It is born from you and not the other way around.

Look within yourself and see what I’m trying to say in these words.

Love is your nature.

Love and Light!

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